Denmark and France forge path for carbon capture and storage


Denmark/France – Denmark and France have inked an agreement to pioneer carbon capture and storage (CCS) efforts, signaling a stride in combating climate change and meeting EU emission targets.

The agreement between Denmark and France aims to bolster the global CCS industry, aligning with the EU’s ambitious objective of achieving emissions neutrality by 2050. Lars Aagaard, Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities, emphasized the critical role of CCS in realizing international climate objectives.

Denmark has earmarked substantial funding, nearly $4 billion, to advance CCS technology, focusing on enhancing transportation infrastructure and expanding storage capacity. This investment underscores Denmark’s steadfast commitment to CCS as a cornerstone of its emissions reduction strategy.

France’s roadmap

France, mirroring Denmark’s commitment, views CCS as integral to its decarbonization efforts. With targets set for CCS deployment, France’s partnership with Denmark signifies a strategic move towards accelerating decarbonization across industries.

Carbon capture and storage offer a dual benefit of mitigating industrial emissions in the short term and establishing artificial carbon sinks for long-term sustainability.