Shell and Worley team up for Dutch hydrogen project


The Netherlands – Worley has clinched service contracts from Shell for Holland Hydrogen 1 (HH1) project located in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The primary goal of the Holland Hydrogen 1 (HH1) project is to establish Europe’s largest commercial renewable hydrogen production facility. By harnessing renewable energy from offshore wind farms, the project aims to produce 60,000 kg of hydrogen per day, catering to the increasing demand for clean energy solutions in heavy transportation and industrial sectors.

Central to the project is a 200MW electrolyzer powered by renewable energy sources, signaling a shift towards sustainable hydrogen production methods. The integration of offshore wind power underscores the synergy between renewable energy technologies, paving the way for a more resilient and environmentally friendly energy ecosystem.

Reducing carbon emissions

The HH1 project holds immense potential to drive significant environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel production. The close collaboration between Shell and Worley underscores the importance of partnerships in driving innovation and accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

Wim Raaijen
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