Yara’s Agribios acquisition nurtures sustainable agriculture in Europe


Italy – Yara has acquired Agribios Italiana’s organic-based fertilizer business. Yara’s acquisition of Agribios brings together the expertise of the Italian company in high-quality organic-based fertilizers with Yara’s extensive scale and reach in Europe.

This collaboration aims to cater to the evolving needs of European farmers, promoting regenerative agriculture methods irrespective of their farming approach.

The acquisition aligns with Yara’s commitment to supporting the European Union’s (EU) ambition of increasing farmland under organic farming. By combining forces with Agribios, Yara intends to play a pivotal role in achieving the EU’s environmental goals.

Synergies in fertilizers

A comprehensive analysis of long-term fertilizer trials underscores the importance of balanced crop nutrition in soil regeneration. Yara’s acquisition of Agribios enables the company to maximize synergies between organic-based and mineral fertilizers, a crucial aspect of their regenerative agriculture offering.

Agribios Italiana, with a 50-year legacy, boasts a diverse portfolio of organic-based fertilizers derived from animal and agricultural by-products. The circular economy approach reduces environmental impact, and the products find applications in both organic and conventional farming.

European market dynamics

Yara’s well-established sales and distribution platform in Europe positions the company to offer Agribios’ products beyond Italy. The acquisition marks Yara’s entry into the second-largest organic-based fertilizer market in Europe. The move aligns with the company’s goal to provide tailored solutions adapted to local conditions across various European countries.

Wim Raaijen
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