Port of Antwerp-Bruges, CMB.TECH unveil world’s first hydrogen tugboat


Belgium – Port of Antwerp-Bruges and CMB.TECH launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat, the Hydrotug 1, ready to navigate the waters of the Antwerp port area.

The Hydrotug 1 claims the title of the first tugboat globally to be powered by combustion engines burning hydrogen in conjunction with traditional fuel. Equipped with the innovative BeHydro V12 dual-fuel, medium-speed engines, each boasting 2 megawatts, and meeting the latest EU Stage V emissions standards, this tugboat stands at the forefront of environmental responsibility. The incorporation of these engines results in a 65% reduction in traditional fuel consumption and associated emissions throughout the tug’s operational cycle.

Hydrogen-powered performance

At the heart of this project is the utilization of 415 kg of compressed hydrogen stored in six bundles on the deck. This not only propels the Hydrotug 1 forward but also eliminates the annual emissions equivalent to that of 350 cars, making it a beacon of sustainability in the shipping industry.

The Hydrotug 1’s launch aligns with the port’s ambition to become Europe’s energy gateway and exemplifies the potential of transitioning to clean energy in the shipping industry.