CAC to build biofuel plant in Austria for OMV


Austria – Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC) has been commissioned by OMV with overall responsibility for the development of a biofuel facility.

With this project, CAC is introducing one of the first large-scale plants in Europe to use an advanced co-processing approach to treat biogenic feedstocks along with fossil, petroleum-based raw materials in the refinery’s hydrogenation facility. The Vienna-based multinational oil, gas and petrochemical company is investing €200 million in the renovation of its Schwechat (Austria) site. It follows from EU standards that biofuels fulfill stringent ecological and social guidelines across the supply chain.

High specification

According to OMV, hydrogenated vegetable oil saves up to 360,000 tons of fossil CO2 per year. This compares to the annual emissions of about 200,000 vehicles traveling about 12,000 kilometers per year. The commodity satisfies the highest quality specifications and can be used in all cars without any issues. Technology is not limited to the use of vegetable oil. Waste-based (e.g. cooking oil used) and specialized input materials are also available and are used depending on supply. OMV plans to increase the demand for hydrogenated biofuels by tenfold by 2030.

Total responsibility

CAC assumes total responsibility for all aspects of the project, including comprehensive engineering, including project management and project monitoring, procurement and construction site management. This includes the delivery of supplies and bulk materials (pipelines, equipment, electrical equipment) as well as the responsibility for construction and fabrication facilities.