BIOGEST to build biogas plant in South Korea


South Korea/AustriaVienna based BIOGEST has received an order to construct an agricultural and food waste biogas plant in the southern area of South Korea.

The plant, which is located near Daegu, was established in collaboration with HC Energy and DoBangYukJong Farm and is funded by the Changnyeong-gun City Office. The BIOGEST PowerRing Biogas Plant would be an important reference plant to encourage additional local ventures. The increasing energy deficit, technological growth and population density have significantly increased the value of renewable energy resources. Biogas production from livestock, industrial and food waste is one of the fastest-growing sectors of renewable energy.

Proven technology

The biogas plant is fed with pig slurry and the food waste can be collected from the point of processing of agricultural waste. BIOGEST’s proven biogas plant technology provides major advantages in terms of energy efficiency and operational protection, as well as a simple and cost-effective maintenance scheme. The plant is capable of generating both electrical and thermal energy. During the process, 13,000 tons of pig slurry and 5,000 tons of food waste are converted into high-quality organic fertilizer that serves as a replacement for chemical products. Furthermore, the air condition of the pig farm can be increased.