New EU project reduces aviation costs and CO2 emissions

Energy efficiency

Europe – A new EU project has been launched to aid the reduction of CO2 emissions in the aviation sector.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced from non-fossil resources is the only approach that could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to air transport in the near term. The new project Take-Off, Production of synthetic renewable aviation fuel from CO2 and H2, will, in the next four years, generate a detailed picture of the technical, environmental and economic performances of power-to-liquid SAF production route. This project will contribute to reduce the aviation’s carbon footprint and reach several sustainable development goals.

Take-Off will enable the development and industrial validation of the complete technology chain from CO2 to SAF. This technology route aims to deliver a highly innovative process which produces SAF at lower costs and higher energy efficiency compared to other power-to-liquid alternatives.

The TakeOff route consists of capturing CO2 from industrial flue gas which reacts with hydrogen produced by renewable electricity to create light olefins. These light olefins are subsequently chemically upgraded
into SAF.

Uniting leading industry players

The project consortium, led by TNO, gathers partners coming from the entire technology chain ranging from a leading energy supplier RWE Power, power and energy solution company Mitsubishi Power Europe, interdisciplinary research institutions like TNO, CNRS, RWTH, SDU, design/engineering companies AKEU, FEV and the European Association representing the Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) community in Europe, the CO2 Value Europe. Pioneer and global leader in sustainable SAF, SkyNRG is involved to analyse the fuel quality and report on its suitability for usage in aircraft. A strong advisory board including key players of the aviation industry and major oil & gas companies has been assembled to support the project consortium, guide the research and ensure the uptake of the lessons learned.