Fortum to revolutionize district heating in Espoo

Sustainable energy

Finland – Fortum is set to revolutionize district heating in the Nuijala area of Espoo, Finland, with the construction of an emissions-free production plant.

This innovative project, part of the Espoo Clean Heat programme, underscores Fortum’s commitment to sustainability and its partnership with the City of Espoo to achieve carbon neutrality in district heating by 2030.

The primary goal of Fortum’s initiative is to transition towards carbon-neutral district heating by leveraging electricity-based production methods. The Nuijala production plant, equipped with a 50-megawatt electric boiler and an 800-megawatt-hour heat accumulator, aims to enhance flexibility in heat production while leveling out electricity demand through time-variable pricing. By integrating renewable energy sources and advanced storage technologies, Fortum strives to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of district heating operations.

The electric boiler/heat storage combination enables the plant to extract heat directly into the district heating network and store excess thermal energy for later use, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels and enhancing operational resilience.

Enhancing energy security

The deployment of emissions-free district heating infrastructure promises multifaceted benefits for the community and the environment. By reducing the reliance on fossil-based peak capacity and optimizing energy storage, Fortum’s project not only mitigates greenhouse gas emissions but also enhances energy security and resilience against supply disruptions. Moreover, the transition towards carbon-neutral heating aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and foster sustainable development.