The European Industry & Energy Summit can take place on location


Good news. It was exciting for a while last Friday, but as things look now, we will be able to organize the European Industry & Energy Summit 2021 both physically and online on 7 and 8 December in Rotterdam Ahoy. However, we will be making a number of changes so that we do not have to wait for a possible extension.

The most important change is that we will be placing a lot of extra tables and chairs in the exhibition and catering area. Through our networking app, appointments can be made for a table. This matchmaking will be open both days from 8.30am to 5.30pm. This means that the get-togethers are cancelled.

Next week we will announce even more of the great programme! Together with our partners, we will do everything to make EIES2021 an unforgettable and inspiring event. All ingredients are present.