LBC Tank Terminals to expand its Rotterdam terminal


The Netherlands – LBC Tank Terminals has made the final investment decision to expand its terminal in Rotterdam, boosting its storage capacity to meet the rising demand for chemical storage in northwestern Europe.

The primary goal of LBC Tank Terminals’ expansion in Rotterdam is to address the growing demand for chemical storage in the region. By increasing its storage capacity to 280,000 cubic meters by 2026, the company aims to enhance its capability to accommodate the storage and handling of chemicals and products, particularly those arising from the energy transition.

The expansion project involves the construction of three tank pits to house 36 new tanks, along with the development of new (block) train (un)loading facilities. This includes the implementation of advanced monitoring and control systems to optimize storage and handling processes, enhancing overall operational performance.

Expansion strategy

The increased storage capacity not only meets current demand but also prepares the company to cater to future growth opportunities. Furthermore, by integrating sustainability principles into its expansion strategy, LBC Tank Terminals sets a benchmark for responsible industry practices, driving positive environmental outcomes while fostering industry growth and innovation.