GIGA Storage to build energy storage project in Belgium


Belgium – GIGA Storage Belgium is planning to develop a large-scale energy storage project in Kinrooi, Belgium, just across the border from Weert, Netherlands.

The 1,200 megawatt hour project will be one of the largest of its kind in Europe and will play a significant role in helping Belgium to achieve its energy transition goals.

The project will connect to the high-voltage grid and will store excess renewable energy generated during the day. This energy can then be discharged back into the grid during the evening and night when demand is higher. This will help to reduce Belgium’s reliance on fossil fuels and make its energy system more sustainable.

Government support

GIGA Storage has already applied for an environmental permit from the Belgian authorities and expects to start construction on the project in early 2024. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

The Belgian government is strongly supportive of the project and sees it as an important step towards achieving its goal of a 100% renewable energy mix by 2050. Belgian Energy Minister Tinne van der Straeten has emphasized the importance of an attractive investment climate for attracting investment in renewable energy and energy storage projects.

The GIGA Storage energy storage project in Kinrooi has the potential to have a significant impact on Belgium’s energy system. The project will help to reduce Belgium’s reliance on fossil fuels, make its energy system more sustainable, and improve grid stability.