ESS and SB Energy to deploy 2GWh of long-duration storage


United States – ESS Inc., a maker of long-life batteries based in the United States, announced today that it has signed a framework agreement with SB Energy, a fully owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp, to deploy two gigawatt-hours (2 GWh) of ESS batteries until 2026.

Commitment to renewable energy transition

The agreement underlines ESS and SB Energy’s joint commitment to a global transition to renewable energy and grid decarbonization. ESS stated recently that it would merge with a special purpose acquisition company, ACON S2 Acquisition Corp., to become a public corporation.

The first ESS system was already delivered in connection with the arrangement to an SB Energy facility in Davis, California, and will be commissioned in October 2021. SB Energy intends to extend its portfolio of solar energy projects in Texas and California, two of the fastest-growing markets for long-duration storage in the United States. With its iron-, salt-, and water-based batteries, ESS systems enable clients improve grid resilience while removing the possibility of batteries catching fire, which is especially important in wildfire-prone locations such as California.

17 ESS battery systems for Enel

Additionally, ESS recently announced the completion of an agreement with Enel Green Power España for the delivery of 17 ESS Energy WarehouseTM battery systems totaling 8.5 MWh. As part of a bigger EU-wide engagement, the project will support a solar farm in Spain, ensuring the local power grid’s stability.

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