France’s offshore wind expansion spurs substation tender


France – French transmission system operator, Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), has initiated the pre-qualification process for a tender set to award a contract for the delivery of three offshore substations.

The aim is to seamlessly connect three floating offshore wind farms planned off Southern Brittany and in the French Mediterranean to the onshore grid.

This initiative falls under the umbrella of the French government’s offshore wind allocation rounds 5 and 6 (AO5 and AO6). RTE, as the responsible transmission system operator, takes charge of the development, construction, and operation of the grid connections for these three projects, which include the crucial offshore substations.

RTE is seeking proposals for three HVAC substations, each boasting a substantial capacity of 750 MW and featuring a helideck. These substations are slated to be strategically located between 40 and 50 kilometers offshore, tapping into the vast wind potential in these regions.

Tender timeline

The pre-qualification phase is currently underway, with potential suppliers having until January 26, 2024, to submit their qualifications. Following this, RTE is set to kick off the tender for the pre-selected candidates on March 15, 2024, marking a significant step in the realization of these offshore wind projects.

France’s commitment to offshore wind was demonstrated in 2021 when it opened the first tender for a commercial floating offshore wind project off the south of Brittany, with a capacity of up to 270 MW. The upcoming tender(s) will add a further 500 MW to the region, showcasing the government’s dedication to expanding its offshore wind capacity.

Mediterranean wind ventures

Recent developments also include the French government designating locations for two floating wind projects in the Mediterranean Sea, each with extensions, totaling around 750 MW. These projects are set to be deployed across two zones, reinforcing France’s position as a key player in the burgeoning offshore wind sector.

Receiving a green light from the European Commission for a substantial investment, France is poised to support the construction and operation of two floating offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Lion, with a tender expected to be launched in the coming year.

Wim Raaijen
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