Sintef unveils COREu CCS project


Norway – Sintef introduces COREu, the Horizon Europe project that sets a new standard in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research and innovation.

As the largest initiative of its kind ever funded by a European program, COREu charts a course to accelerate the shift towards a low-carbon future. COREu is strategically designed to demonstrate key technologies throughout the entire CCS value chain, focusing its efforts on Southern Europe. The project’s primary objective is to support the development of CCS routes connecting emitters with storage sites, with a specific emphasis on Central Eastern Europe.

To achieve its ambitious goals, COREu brings together a consortium of over 40 partners, comprising emitters, technology providers, gas transmission system operators, transportation companies, research institutes, and universities. The project aims to foster a holistic approach to CCS value chain demonstration while promoting knowledge and experience exchange across Europe.

Connecting Europe

COREu focuses on four potential routes and engages relevant stakeholders in Greece, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. Through the development of an open-access, transnational network, COREu aims to connect emitters with storage sites, emphasizing multimodal transportation and creating emitter clusters to drive demand and investment in CCS deployment.

The impact of COREu extends beyond its immediate goals. By actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and driving CCS deployment in Europe, COREu becomes a crucial player in addressing global challenges. It aligns with Sustainable Development Goals related to affordable and clean energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, and climate action.

The creation of a common framework that encompasses technological know-how and business models aims to reduce the risks associated with CCS deployment, garnering support from various stakeholders and industry leaders.

Wim Raaijen
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