Vestas sells 656 MW Italian portfolio to PLT Energia


Denmark/Italy – Vestas, the Danish wind turbine giant, has sold a 656 MW portfolio to Italian renewable energy producer PLT Energia.

The acquired portfolio, developed by Vestas, comprises wind projects designed specifically for Vestas technology. This strategic alignment ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, paving the way for reliable and efficient clean energy generation.

The transaction wasn’t without its supporting cast. Rothschild & Co acted as the sole financial advisor to Vestas, demonstrating the deal’s financial significance. L&B provided legal counsel to Vestas, while BonelliErede and Fichtner served as legal and technical advisors for PLT Energia, respectively. This robust financial and legal support underscores the seriousness and potential of this wind energy alliance.

With an impressive pipeline exceeding 3 GW in advanced development and construction stages, PLT Energia is poised to become a major player in the global renewable energy landscape.

Beyond the blades

Vestas’ commitment extends beyond mere wind turbine sales. The company boasts a 30 GW wind capacity pipeline and has secured over 6.5 GW of firm projects through development activities. This dedication to project development not only accelerates the clean energy transition but also brings tangible benefits to local communities through green job creation and economic development.

The Vestas-PLT Energia deal signifies a powerful synergy between two industry giants. It paves the way for increased renewable energy penetration in Italy and beyond, while simultaneously showcasing the economic and environmental benefits of wind power.

Wim Raaijen
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