UAE-UK collaboration on first waste-to-hydrogen project

UAE-UK collaboration on first waste-to-hydrogen project


UAE/United KingdomBee’ah, the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer, will pursue plans for the UAE’s first waste-to-hydrogen project in conjunction with UK-based Chinook Sciences.

The project includes a green hydrogen producing facility as well as a hydrogen vehicle fueling station. The Waste-to-Hydrogen project is an extension of Bee’ah and Chinook Sciences’ $180 million waste gasification to energy initiative, and it answers the region’s rising market demand for new renewable energy sources such as green hydrogen.

Overcoming challenges

This project will alleviate the limits of expensive hydrogen transportation by situating the waste-to-hydrogen factory near the filling station. The fueling station will be powered by green hydrogen generated by a waste-to-hydrogen generator that uses non-recyclable plastic rubbish and waste wood. The green hydrogen will be sent to the fueling station and utilized to power hydrogen automobiles.

UAE’s hydrogen plans

The UAE has previously stated its intention to become a significant hydrogen generator and to cut carbon emissions by 24% by 2030. Plans include investing in green hydrogen, which is produced using renewable energy such as solar power, as well as blue hydrogen, which is created using carbon-capture technologies.