Building first European Energy wind farm in Lithuania

Building first European Energy wind farm in Lithuania


Lithuania European Energy, a Danish green energy provider, has started construction on its first wind farm in Lithuania, at Anyksciai.

The wind farm will have a capacity of 49.5 MW and will be linked to the grid by 2021. When the 49.5 MW Anyksciai wind farm is completed, Lithuania’s energy mix will become greener.

Local collaboration

European Energy collaborated with local partner East Wind Brokers to create the wind farm Anyksciai. By the end of 2021, the park will be grid-connected. When the wind farm is fully operational, it will be able to supply green electricity to 50.000 families. The land will be home to nine 5.5 MW GE Cypress wind turbines.

In 2018, European Energy began exploring renewable energy projects in Lithuania, and in 2019, it launched an office in Vilnius. With approximately 10 staff in Vilnius, European Energy has created a solid pipeline of green energy projects in Lithuania in collaboration with local partners. In 2021, European Energy signed the largest ever PPA in the Baltics for over ten years with Eesti Energia, totaling 3,8 TWh. The PPA provides 100 percent green energy that adds value to the energy system.

Lithuania becoming greener

Lithuania’s energy transformation has been spectacular in recent years. Lithuania’s renewable energy contribution in final energy consumption is now comparable to that of leading IEA nations, and domestic renewable power generation is rapidly increasing. Lithuania aims to generate 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050, which will necessitate very high shares of variable renewable energy, particularly onshore and offshore wind.

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