Europe's largest E-boiler to be built in Amsterdam

Europe’s largest E-boiler to be built in Amsterdam

Sustainable energy

The NetherlandsIn order to use more natural gas, Vattenfall was awarded a permission and Dutch SDE++ subsidy to develop a 150 MW “Power-to-Heat” E-boiler at the company’s heat and power plant Diemen in Amsterdam.

The final investment decision is scheduled for mid-2022, after the recently initiated tender has been completed. The E-boiler is believed to be the largest in Europe and can be put into use in 2024.

“We are very glad to have been awarded both the permit and the SDE++ subsidy for building a large 150 MW E-boiler at Diemen. Vattenfall wants to supply 100% sustainable heat in the Amsterdam region by 2040,” says Ulrika Jardfelt, head of Business Area Heat at Vattenfall.

Subsidies for renewable energy

The Dutch SDE++ program provides subsidies for the use of techniques for the generation of renewable energy and other CO2-reducing approaches. To be eligible for SDE++ subsidies, new technology must be purchased for a minimum of 12 or 15 years. A ‘kettle’ is a common household name for an electric hot water heater: the system serves as an installation, which converts power into hot water that may be given to households and companies, or can be kept in the existing heat buffer, a big ‘thermal flask.’

Supplying heat through renewable energy

With the current anticipated deployment of the E-boiler, Vattenfall initially hopes to be able to supply around 15% of the heat in the Amsterdam region with renewable wind and solar electricity. While there has been a notable increase in the quantity of wind and solar farms in the Netherlands, the amount of time the E-boiler can run will increase in the future, which will put more stress on the boiler. As of 2019, Vattenfall have commissioned a 120 MW e-boiler in Berlin which now holds the record for the largest of their fleet.