Scotland considering new pipeline to hasten development of hydrogen


United Kingdom – Scotland is looking at the viability of constructing a subsea hydrogen pipeline to the Europe. In a paper, the Net Zero Technology Center (NZTC) claims that a new pipeline might hasten Scotland’s development of hydrogen’s potential.

Scotland has a lot of potential for wind energy. Scotland wants to utilise as much of this as possible to produce green hydrogen so that it can be exported to Europe.

After landing in northern Germany, the pipeline from Scotland must be connected to the European hydrogen infrastructure. By 2035 or thereabouts, a connection would enable Scotland to meet up to 10% of the hydrogen demand in Europe. NZTC examined the use of current oil and gas infrastructure in the study. However, it was determined that the best way to transport Scotland’s green hydrogen to the continent of Europe is through a new pipeline.

Urging investment

The so-called Hydrogen Backbone Link, according to the NZTC, has the potential to generate over 700 new jobs in Scotland. The experts urge increased public and private investment in the pipeline’s construction as well as in hydrogen and wind energy advances in their report. Additionally, according to the experts, there must to be a national policy for energy storage. The international coordination of standards is also necessary.

The NZTC will now research the next measures necessary to carry out the Hydrogen Backbone Link’s construction and startup.

Wim Raaijen
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