Enexis compensates Eneco for restricting Farmsum peak wind energy


The Netherlands – Eneco will adapt the electricity generated by a Farmsum wind project to the load on the electrical system. Eneco will temporarily cut back on wind energy output while production is at its highest. Enexis will cover the cost of this.

The agreement relates to a wind farm at Farmsum, located in the Dutch province of Groningen, which is linked to a medium-voltage station owned by Enexis in Weiwerd. The electricity grid at that station has almost no room left for expansion. Eneco will allow the Farmsum wind farm to produce less electricity during peak hours, clearing up space on the grid once more. The wind farm can generate about 25 megawatts of power in total. Eneco will provide Enexis with 10 megawatts of flexible capacity so that there is enough grid capacity to connect about 30,000 solar panels. The agreement becomes operative on September 1, 2023.

Operating electricity infrastructure effectively

For both major electricity producers and large users, the power infrastructure is becoming fully utilized in an increasing number of locations. There is no more grid capacity available to connect new consumers when it is bright or windy since many stations have reached their technical limits. The same is true for the consumption of electricity: more and more power plants experience peak loads during times when demand for electricity is at an all-time high and they are operating at full capacity. The electrical grid should be expanded as the main answer.

Although much effort is being put into this, the fact remains that these are lengthy processes. The only option to free up more capacity in the near future is to operate the current electricity infrastructure more effectively. With Enexis, Eneco has now completed the first “capacity restriction contract.” Other customers have more room if you put back less electricity into the grid during peak hours. Congestion management is a method of avoiding busy times. The agreement between Enexis and Eneco will be in effect until the local power grid has been rebuilt and has no set expiry date.

Wim Raaijen
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