Ørsted and ATP bid on Danish North Sea energy island


Denmark Ørsted and ATP have joined forces to submit a bid in the upcoming tender for the Danish North Sea energy island.

By submitting a bid together for the energy island in the North Sea, Ørsted and ATP want to make a significant contribution to Denmark’s green transition, its build-out of energy infrastructure, and shape the future build-out of large-scale offshore wind.

North Sea energy island

The North Sea energy island will be a cornerstone in harnessing the Danish offshore wind resources, which can make a substantial contribution towards Denmark’s and Europe’s green transitions and create thousands of jobs in Denmark.

Mads Nipper, CEO of Ørsted, says: “The North Sea energy island will be absolutely key to the continued build-out of offshore wind in the Danish North Sea.”

Ørsted – ATP collaboration

Ørsted and ATP will examine the optimal integration of Power-to-X with the energy island and the future energy infrastructure in the North Sea. Combined with ATP’s long-standing experience as a financial partner and a mission to secure the pension funds for generations of Danes, the partnership can deliver an innovative technological solution with a strong societal focus to benefit all Danes.

Wim Raaijen
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