Mitsubishi invests $690M in Dutch mega hydrogen project


The Netherlands – Mitsubishi Corporation is set to invest $690 million in the creation of the world’s largest green hydrogen plant. The Japanese giant is joining forces with Dutch Eneco to establish Eneco Diamond Hydrogen, the entity tasked with overseeing the construction and operation of the hydrogen production facility.

Eneco Diamond Hydrogen is poised to star the project’s construction in 2026, with hydrogen production slated to begin in 2029. The venture leverages the substantial wind farm capacity owned by Eneco, currently boasting an installed capacity of just under 7.4GW.

The plant is projected to produce 80,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, dwarfing any previous endeavors by nearly 30 times. This ambitious goal aligns with a broader mission to achieve economies of scale, ultimately driving down the cost of green hydrogen production. The current cost comparison reveals that producing hydrogen through water electrolysis, utilizing renewable sources, is approximately three times more expensive than conventional fossil fuel methods.

Distribution channels

The green hydrogen produced by the facility will find its way to consumers through two primary channels. Firstly, Eneco’s established retail electricity sales network will play a pivotal role in the distribution. Additionally, pipelines will be employed to ensure the seamless flow of this eco-friendly fuel. This dual-pronged approach emphasizes the commitment to efficiently delivering green hydrogen to end-users.

Wim Raaijen
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