VoltaChem launches largest test facility for CO2 electrolysis


The Netherlands – The largest independent test facility for CO2 electrolysis in Europe has been installed by VoltaChem at TNO in Rijswijk.

With a 10 kW capacity, the ZEUS demonstration installation is roughly six meters high.

The equipment can be used to electrolyze CO2 to create up to 1 kilogram of formate (the anion of formic acid) each hour. The test facility is initially set up to produce formate, however CO can also be produced there. This demonstration installation comes after a variety of more compact systems that have been put to the test. The next stage in commercial electrochemical conversion of CO2 is this demonstration plant.

Funding support

The facility, which can run under a variety of process conditions and is suited for use in the synthesis of different chemicals, is the largest of its kind in the EU.

The installation is made available to researchers from businesses and academic institutions by VoltaChem. For the construction of this demonstration facility, the company got funding from Interreg 2 Seas, the Province of South Holland, Smartport, and the Minister of Economic Affairs.

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