Ineos Phenol Belgium abandons Doel collective dismissal


Belgium – The collective dismissal for the Doel facility will be removed, according to Ineos Phenol Belgium. The corporation revealed its plans to rearrange the location and the loss of dozens of employment towards the end of June.

The board of directors chooses to rescind the measure after carefully considering the information and consultation process. The fact that Ineos Phenol is dropping the mass layoff does not guarantee that the positions will remain open. The company began the required information and consultation process in June following the announcement. The social partners’ consultations were challenging, and no significant progress was made. Ineos planned to carry out the reorganization as soon as possible so that it could start using a new organizational structure in 2024. The business is currently looking into different options to save labor expenditures. The business claims that it adheres to “common legal procedures” in doing this.

Reduced demand

Due to dramatically rising energy prices, a sluggish economy, and an increase in imports from Asian players searching for new markets for their excess capacity, Ineos Phenol is grappling with significantly decreased demand. This confluence of elements has resulted in a year-long halt in production at the Doel facility. Production has been moved to an Ineos facility in Germany’s Gladbeck,

182 people are now employed by Ineos Phenol Belgium in Doel. It is the world’s biggest phenol factory. 680,000 tons are produced annually at this capacity. The facility also creates acetone and AMS (alpha-methylstyrene), in addition to phenol.

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