The Antwerp Declaration attracts over 500 industry leaders


Belgium – Over 500 industry leaders have joined forces to support The Antwerp Declaration, advocating for a European Industrial Deal to complement the EU Green Deal and safeguard quality jobs across Europe.

What started with 73 signatures has quickly evolved into a powerful movement, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the challenges facing European industries and workers.

The Antwerp Declaration calls for the European Industrial Deal to take center stage in the new European Strategic Agenda, with a designated Commission Vice President tasked with overseeing its implementation. This strategic initiative aims to address regulatory inconsistencies, enhance public funding mechanisms, ensure access to raw materials and energy, bolster raw materials security, foster innovation, and develop essential infrastructure. By advocating for a strengthened European approach, the Declaration seeks to prevent Europe from becoming overly reliant on external sources for basic goods and chemicals.

Diverse support

The remarkable growth in signatories reflects a diverse coalition spanning 20 sectors, with representation from over 370 companies, nearly 120 associations, and a wide array of industry stakeholders including trade unions, research institutes, and universities. This broad-based support underscores the widespread recognition of the importance of a cohesive industrial policy in driving European competitiveness and sustainability.

At its core, the Antwerp Declaration aims to provide European policymakers with tangible solutions to restore competitiveness while advancing the goals of the EU Green Deal.

As the momentum behind the Antwerp Declaration continues to build, European policymakers are urged to heed the calls of industry leaders and prioritize the development of a comprehensive European Industrial Deal.