Offshore For Sure ushers in new era of offshore energy


Belgium/The Netherlands – A consortium of fifteen partners from the Netherlands and Belgium has embarked on an ambitious project called Offshore For Sure, aiming to revolutionize offshore energy generation.

Over the next three years, the partners will invest over 10 million euros to develop and test five innovative technologies, encompassing wave energy, tidal energy, offshore solar energy, energy storage simulation, and smart asset management for tidal turbines. This collaborative effort seeks to accelerate the energy transition at sea and drive the growth of a sustainable blue economy.

Demonstration projects

The Offshore For Sure project encompasses five distinct demonstration projects, each focusing on a specific innovative technology:

  • Wave energy: Dutch Wave Power will develop and test a novel wave energy converter that utilizes the motion of waves to generate electricity.
  • Tidal energy: Water2Energy Projects will demonstrate the effectiveness of its tidal energy extraction technology, which harnesses the power of tidal currents to generate electricity.
  • Offshore solar energy: Oceans of Energy will showcase its floating solar park technology, which utilizes solar panels mounted on floating platforms to generate electricity from the sun.
  • Energy storage simulation: FLASC will develop and apply a digital twin model to optimize energy storage solutions for offshore renewable energy installations.
  • Smart asset management and predictive maintenance: Tocardo will implement smart asset management and predictive maintenance systems for tidal turbines, enhancing their efficiency and reliability.

The successful implementation of the Offshore For Sure project has the potential to significantly transform the offshore energy landscape. By demonstrating the viability of these innovative technologies, the project could pave the way for wider adoption, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Wim Raaijen
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