Evonik and Uniper launch sustainable district heating project – TORTE


Germany – Evonik and Uniper have unveiled the Technical Options for Thermal Energy Recovery (TORTE) project in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

As part of Evonik’s ambitious ‘Herne Green Deal,’ TORTE aims to channel industrial waste heat into the district heating network. TORTE leverages innovative technology to recover low-temperature waste heat generated during isophorone production, channeling it into the local district heating network. With Uniper’s installation of a large on-site heat pump, up to 1.5 megawatts of heat will be harnessed, benefiting approximately 1,000 homes in the Ruhr region. This sustainable initiative not only reduces emissions by 1,750 tons of CO2 annually but also aligns with Evonik’s broader sustainability objectives to slash carbon dioxide emissions and minimize reliance on fossil resources.

Recognized excellence

The TORTE project’s achievements have earned first prize in the German Chemical Industry Association’s “Responsible Care Initiative.” Esteemed judges lauded TORTE as a beacon of sustainable transformation within the chemical industry, setting a benchmark for green production and environmental stewardship.

Beyond TORTE, Evonik’s ‘Herne Green Deal’ encompasses a multifaceted strategy to achieve climate neutrality.