CIP, Lhyfe and Flexens to launch Åland Energy Island project


Finland – CIP, through Copenhagen Energy Islands, Lhyfe, and Flexens have joined forces to launch the Åland Energy Island project. This initiative aims to fuse large-scale offshore wind generation with hydrogen production, positioning Åland as a key player in the green energy transition for the entire region.

The Åland Energy Island project marks the integration of offshore wind and hydrogen production, a dynamic duo that promises to unlock the untapped wind resources around Åland.

The consortium comprises companies with distinct expertise. CIP, a global leader in renewable energy and offshore wind, leads the way. Lhyfe brings its expertise in developing onshore and offshore hydrogen facilities, including the world’s first offshore hydrogen production plant powered by a floating wind turbine. Flexens, hailing from Åland, contributes invaluable local knowledge of hydrogen and infrastructure development.

Green energy powered

In collaboration with Flexens, the consortium is poised to create substantial social and economic value for Åland. By securing local involvement and employment, the project aligns with the government’s ambitions and the Sunnanvind project. Moreover, the Åland Energy Island initiative is committed to realizing Åland’s goal of becoming a society powered entirely by green energy while preserving the islands’ unique onshore and marine environment.

Wim Raaijen
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