Örsted breaks ground on Swedish e-methanol project FlagshipONE


Sweden – Örsted, a leading renewable energy company, has started construction of FlagshipONE in Sweden, Europe’s largest e-methanol project.

This project not only signifies the beginning of a new era in green shipping but also highlights the increasing demand for methanol-powered vessels. With over 110 e-methanol vessels ordered or in operation, and new regulations such as FuelEU Maritime driving the need for green maritime fuels, FlagshipONE aims to produce 50,000 tonnes of e-methanol annually starting in 2025.

FlagshipONE, originally developed by Swedish e-fuels company Liquid Wind, will be situated adjacent to Övik Energi’s Hörneborgsverket combined heat and power plant in Örnsköldsvik. The groundbreaking event brought together political representatives from local, regional, national, and international bodies, as well as partner companies including Siemens Energy, Carbon Clean, and Topsoe, who will provide the electrolysers, carbon capture equipment, and methanol synthesis equipment, respectively. The involvement of local companies in the project and the operation of the plant are expected to create direct and indirect job opportunities in Örnsköldsvik.

Ground breaking event

Key figures present at the event included representatives from Klimatklivet, a part of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, who have supported FlagshipONE with SEK 151 million. The groundbreaking ceremony was performed by notable individuals such as Anna Dahlberg, State Secretary to the Prime Minister of Sweden, and Claes Fredriksson, founder and CEO of Liquid Wind, among others. The event emphasized the imperative to decarbonize global maritime transport and highlighted Sweden’s potential to become a prominent market for e-methanol production, leveraging its renewable energy sources like wind power and the country’s leading forest industry to supply biogenic carbon.

Decarbonization of shipping

Global shipping currently accounts for approximately 3% of global carbon emissions, making it a crucial focus area for Ørsted. FlagshipONE represents the company’s initial e-methanol project within its ambitious green fuel portfolio, with other projects in the pipeline including ‘Project Star’ in the US Gulf Coast area and ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ in Copenhagen. These projects aim to produce substantial volumes of e-methanol to facilitate the decarbonization of shipping.

Located at the Hörneborgsverket biomass-fired combined heat and power plant, operated by Övik Energi, FlagshipONE will employ renewable electricity and biogenic carbon dioxide captured from the plant’s operations to produce e-methanol. Additionally, the project will utilize steam, process water, and cooling water from Hörneborgsverket, while excess heat from the e-methanol production process will be fed back into Övik Energi’s district heating supply.