Thermal Battery Pushes boundaries for profitable decarbonization

Energy efficiency

During the European Industry & Energy Summit Thomas Palkovich will pitch the Thermal Battery system of EnergyNest. Multiple industrial clients already incorporate the thermal storage solution that minimize the use of natural gas or even introduces carbon free heat.

EnergyNest offers and delivers Thermal Battery systems to its clientele. The proven, high-impact, and cost-competitive Thermal Energy Storage technology is easily integrated into power generation and energy-intensive industries. Thermal Battery systems provide carbon-intensive and hard-to-abate manufacturers an opportunity for optimizing their energy balance and security. Thermal storage increases energy utilization and valorization, improves energy efficiency and flexibility in production processes, and consequently reduces overall fossil-fuel consumption. It keeps decarbonizing key activities profitable, sustainable and non-intrusive. Thermal Battery solutions enable users to capture multiple value streams and secure additional revenue opportunities that would otherwise remain untapped or unavailable to them.

Industrial customers

Being awarded the prestigious EU Horizon 2020 SME-I grant, EnergyNest is currently executing together with its client Senftenbacher, an Austrian brick manufacturer, a Thermal Battery solution for minimizing use of natural gas and optimizing energy delivery and efficiency within its manufacturing process.

Earlier this year the company saw its first commercial Thermal Battery modules shipped to a customer. This project will showcase the integration of a Thermal Battery system, combined with a solar thermal plant. Provisioning a major European industrial refining complex with required carbon-free process heat – even after the sun has set. The project will come online in 2021.

Furthermore, in its latest endeavor, EnergyNest has secured a project with one of the world’s leading fertilizer companies, YARA, which will see the installation of a first-of-its-kind steam-based Thermal Battery system. The project demonstrates further the inherent flexibility and broad applicability for what this versatile, cross-industrial storage solution can be used for.


EnergyNest’s Thermal Battery is a fully verified and commercially available solution currently being deployed in the European market. The Thermal Battery complies to relevant European directives and industrial standards, and is quality assured and certified in accordance to these. Moreover, the technology has gone through extensive testing and trials, and been verified to operate according to all performance claims made by EnergyNest through independent third parties and technology assessors such as DNV GL and Fichtner. The first pilot system was successfully demonstrated at the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology (now Khalifa University) in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

Joined forces

In June 2020 joined EnergyNest forces with Siemens Energy to change the pace in decarbonization of power generation and industry. This strategic cooperation has already lead to a first significant engineering order in October 2020.

EnergyNest is a frontrunner in accelerating profitable decarbonization of European industry with solutions that range from recovering waste heat, enabling electrification of steam production to supporting the ever-deepening penetration of renewable energy into our energy mix.


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