France to get largest hybrid recycling facility

Circular economy

France – The largest single hybrid recycling facility in France, to be owned and operated by Valoregen, will be built with help from Dow, according to a recently announced agreement between the two parties.

The project will be a significant step in combining mechanical recycling (which turns some plastic waste into secondary products) and newer, advanced recycling processes when it becomes operational and starts supplying recycled materials at the end of Q1 2023. (which breaks down mixed, hard-to-recycle plastics into their original naphtha-like liquid form to manufacture new virgin-like polymers).

The ultimate goal of Valoregen is to develop a special ecosystem that can recycle all types of plastic waste locally. To meet Dow’s commitment to include at least 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastics in its product offerings sold in the European Union by 2025, both mechanical and advanced recycling technologies must be used in tandem.

The plant will increase energy efficiency by enabling a yield greater than 80%, well above the average conventional mechanical recycling efficiency of approximately 60-70% – minimizing waste – and doing so by bringing these technologies under one roof. As it works to minimize the transportation of waste materials to various sites, Valoregen will also lessen the overall carbon emissions produced by these processes.

Circularity strategy

The majority of the post-consumer resins will go to Dow, who will use them to create new plastic items that will be sold under the REVOLOOPTM brand. Additionally, Valoregen will benefit from its significant expertise in recycling technology as it expands its capabilities.

The circularity strategy of Dow still heavily emphasizes mechanical recycling, which includes ensuring that Valoregen can scale production to increase recycling in Europe. The majority of recycling of plastics today is done mechanically, but rates are still too low. In order to fully develop the ecosystem with advanced recycling, Dow will keep working with Valoregen. The site has been approved by the Installation Classée pour la Protection de l’Environnement (I.C.P.E. – Classified Installation for the Protection of the Environment),