Lankhorst Ropes provides Heerema with slings made with fibre from plastic waste

Circular economy

The Netherlands – Lankhorst Ropes is supplying Heerema Marine Contractors with LankoForce HL slings made with Dyneema SK78 fibre made from post-consumer plastic waste for the first time in the heavy lift industry.

For an offshore lifting project, LankoForce HL slings will be used on a 4-point lifting frame.

As a pilot project, DSM is producing recycled-based Dyneema with ethylene from mixed plastic waste. This recycled-based fibre, which was used for the LankoForce HL slings in this particular offshore lifting project, has the same guaranteed performance as Dyneema SK78 fibre, both conventional and bio-based.

Synthetic fibre slings have a number of advantages over steel wire slings. The slings are a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient way of handling payloads in offshore lifting projects, as strong as steel wire but significantly lighter and easier to handle.

CirculariTeam, a coalition of DSM, Lankhorst Ropes, and other leading industry partners, was formed in 2021 to accelerate the transition to renewable bio and recycled based resources.