Dutch and German companies work on artificial grass recycling solution

Circular economy

The Netherlands Sport Group and GBN-AGR have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to collaborate on the development of artificial grass recycling infrastructure and technologies throughout Europe.

Both firms have already received full support from top artificial turf companies in Europe through their respective partners, demonstrating their commitment to providing adequate end-of-life recycling solutions for artificial grass.

Sport Group recently created the artificial turf recycling company FormaTurf GmbH. With a recycling plant under construction in Essen, FormaTurf is about to offer an end-of-life solution for the German market in collaboration with its sister company Polytan, the top installer of artificial grass in Germany.

GBN-AGR was formed in 2019 as a collaboration between GBN (Strukton), Antea Sport/EdelGrass, TenCate Grass Group/CSC Sport/Greenfields, and Domo Sports Grass/Sports & Leisure Group. GBN-AGR concentrates on the BENELUX market and produces high-quality circular raw materials from its recycling facility in Amsterdam.

Frank Dittrich, CEO Sport Group: “The creation of FormaTurf is an important step in the Sport Group’s sustainability strategy and by combining forces with GBN-AGR we will be able to service the industry better, meet current and future government requirements and offer sustainable solutions throughout Europe.”

Eric van Roekel, CEO GBN-AGR: “Recycling artificial grass successfully at scale, in a circular, safe and responsible manner, is essential for the industry. GBN-AGR provides a full guarantee on the quality, a transparent process and sets the benchmark for circular processing and a consistent supply of high-quality circular raw materials. This partnership with Sport Group will ensure our industry has the best solutions.”

Wim Raaijen
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