Key to powerful battery materials: Precursor cathode active materials (green and brown powder), lithium carbonate (white powder) and cathode active materials (black powder).

BASF and CATL collaborate on battery recycling

Circular economy

Germany BASF and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) have established a strategic collaboration on battery materials solutions, including cathode active materials (CAM) and battery recycling.

The agreement intends to create a sustainable battery supply chain in support of CATL’s European expansion and adds to both firms’ worldwide carbon neutrality aspirations.

CATL is a global leader in the development of breakthrough new energy technologies. It is dedicated to offering world-class solutions and services for new energy applications. CATL has begun construction on its first European factory in Germany in order to localize lithium-ion battery production. It is speeding the establishment of a local supply chain for European clients and consumers as a result of this.

BASF has developed a strong position in the CAM market as the largest chemical supplier to the automobile industry, with a global manufacturing and R&D presence and a broad array of mid- to high-nickel, manganese-rich, cobalt-free CAM. Through sophisticated process technology, a secure local raw materials supply chain, a favorable energy balance for production, and short and effective logistics along the supply chain, BASF is bringing CAM manufacturing with an industry-leading carbon footprint in Europe.

The strategic cooperation with CATL enables BASF to collaborate closely on CAM and battery recycling with an internationally recognized battery producer. This collaboration will broaden BASF’s expertise and boost its position in the worldwide market.

CATL hopes to expand its European service capabilities through the agreement with BASF by building a regional battery recycling network and a secure raw material supply chain in the region.