AHFL plans to launch plastic-to-fuel plants in UK

Circular economy Sustainable energy

United Kingdom – Advanced Hydrocarbon Fuels Limited (AHFL) is eyeing the UK as the stage for unveiling its groundbreaking process that transforms waste plastic into alternative fuel.

AHFL’s pioneering process, a breakthrough in the realm of plastic waste management, eliminates the need for a catalyst or incineration—a departure from conventional pyrolysis methods. This innovation ensures continuous plant operation, tackling plastic waste while producing alternative fuel in an environmentally friendly and commercially sustainable manner.

The technology, validated by leading engineering firm Wood PLC through extensive testing at AHFL’s prototype plant in the Southern United States, has received a comprehensive report confirming Proof of Concept.

Economic viability

What sets AHFL apart is not only its environmental impact but also its economic viability. Unlike many attempts to convert waste plastic into fuel, AHFL’s process is not just sustainable but profitable. The capital payback period is estimated to be as short as 18 months from the start of production.

AHFL’s gasification process operates at a lower temperature, eschewing harmful emissions associated with incineration. A fully operational AHFL line can process over 2 metric tonnes of waste plastic per hour, producing 57,600 liters of fuel every day. The technology is designed to comply with stringent environmental and health & safety regulations, positioning it as a blueprint for regulatory-compliant plants globally.

AHFL is seeking £10 million in funding to construct its first full-scale commercial demonstration line in the UK. This investment will facilitate final enhancements, sourcing plastic, continuous testing, securing certifications, and launching commercial production.

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