Esso’s Rotterdam pilot plant targets CO2 emissions reduction


The Netherlands – Esso Nederland BV is set to construct a pilot plant at its Rotterdam Manufacturing Complex. This facility aims to test a pioneering carbonate fuel cell (CFC) technology, developed in collaboration with FuelCell Energy, which has the potential to significantly slash CO2 emissions from crucial industrial processes.

Esso’s pilot plant, a first of its kind at the Rotterdam integrated manufacturing site, is designed to gather crucial data on the performance and operability of the CFC technology. The collaboration with FuelCell Energy aims to address technical challenges that may arise in real-world applications and to comprehend the costs associated with deploying and maintaining a CFC plant for carbon capture.

The carbonate fuel cell technology stands out for its unique capability to capture CO2 emissions directly from industrial sources before their release into the atmosphere. Simultaneously, it generates valuable co-products, enhancing the overall efficiency of the carbon capture process. This additional value stream contributes to reducing the overall cost of carbon capture and storage.

One of the standout features of CFC technology is its modular nature, potentially facilitating carbon capture across a broad range of deployment scales. Once ready for widespread implementation, CFC technology could offer economically viable decarbonization solutions for industries and contribute to the overarching societal goal of achieving a net-zero future.

Worldwide deployment

Esso’s Rotterdam pilot project holds global implications. A successful demonstration could pave the way for ExxonMobil to deploy this technology across its manufacturing sites worldwide, marking a transformative step in the reduction of industrial CO2 emissions.

The pilot project receives co-funding from the European Union under the Emissions Trading System Innovation Fund and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through a Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) grant. This collaborative support underscores the significance of the project in the context of advancing innovative solutions for carbon reduction.

Wim Raaijen
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