UK backs Ingenza and Johnson Matthey’s novel carbon capture tech


United Kingdom – The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has chosen to provide funding for the recent collaboration between Johnson Matthey and the biotechnology company Ingenza as part of the $1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio, which aims to reduce emissions and energy costs.

The goal of this project is to create a novel CO2 conversion technology that will capture industrial CO2 emissions and turn them into formate, a versatile chemical that can be used in a variety of sectors, including agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry.

Transforming CO2

A specially designed biocatalyst will be created by Ingenza to enable the efficient hydrogenation of industrial CO2 emissions into formate. Then Johnson Matthey will create these biocatalysts in a commercially viable and scalable format. By transforming industrially produced CO2 into a useful and adaptable commodity chemical that can be sold on for a profit, this solution aims to promote the adoption of carbon capture technologies while also reducing emissions that escape into the atmosphere.

Wim Raaijen
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