Ørsted breaks ground on Denmark’s pioneering carbon capture facilities


Denmark – Ørsted has initiated the construction of two carbon capture facilities in Denmark.

The facilities are strategically positioned at the woodchip-fired Asnæs Power Station in Kalundborg and the straw-fired unit at Avedøre Power Station in Greater Copenhagen.

The primary goal of the carbon capture project is to capture and store carbon emissions from the Asnæs and Avedøre power stations. Awarded a 20-year contract by the Danish Energy Agency in May 2023, the initiative aims to capture 430,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2 annually from the two combined heat and power plants, starting early 2026. The biogenic nature of the captured carbon enhances the project’s environmental impact, aligning with Denmark’s ambitious climate targets for 2025 and 2030.


Ørsted’s carbon capture facilities will leverage cutting-edge technology to capture and store biogenic CO2 emitted from the woodchip and straw-fired power stations. The successful implementation of Denmark’s first full-scale carbon capture project holds transformative potential. By decarbonizing power stations, Ørsted contributes significantly to Denmark’s broader climate goals. The initiative sets a precedent for sustainable practices in the energy sector, with the potential to inspire similar projects globally.

Groundbreaking ceremony

To mark the commencement of construction, Ørsted hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on December 4 at Avedøre Power Station. This event signifies a critical milestone in Denmark’s journey towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

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