enfinium and HZI deploy UK’s first waste-to-energy carbon capture pilot plant


United Kingdom – enfinium has forged a partnership with Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) to deploy the UK’s inaugural carbon capture pilot plant.

The primary objective of enfinium’s collaboration with HZI is to revolutionize waste management practices by implementing carbon capture technology. By capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy-from-waste operations, the pilot plant seeks to demonstrate the feasibility and efficacy of carbon capture solutions in mitigating environmental impact.

Utilizing scaled-down, containerized CCS units, the pilot plant will capture up to one tonne of CO2 per day from enfinium’s operations at the Ferrybridge-1 site in West Yorkshire. Through this trial, enfinium aims to evaluate various capture techniques, assess performance metrics, and gather invaluable data to inform future large-scale deployment of CCS technology.

CCS infrastructure

enfinium’s broader vision of investing in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects, including the proposed £800 million investment in CCS at Ferrybridge 1 & 2 facilities, underscores its commitment to pioneering carbon capture initiatives on a large scale. With CCS infrastructure in place, enfinium’s facilities could become pivotal carbon removal projects, positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable waste management practices.

Minister for Investment and Regulatory Reform, Lord Dominic Johnson, hailed the pilot project as a testament to the UK’s attractiveness for green investment.

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