France gets largest battery-based energy storage


France The largest battery-based energy storage facility in France has been launched by TotalEnergies.

This grid stabilization site, located in Dunkirk’s Flandres center, has a 61-megawatt output and a 61-megawatt-hour storage capacity (MWh). Saft, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies that specializes in industrial battery development, built and assembled the 27 2.5 MWh containers that make up the system.

A long-term tender by the French Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) in February 2020 awarded TotalEnergies battery storage capacities in France. This project was selected as a result of this tender. The site will be fully operational in January 2021, following the start-up of a first 25 MW unit.

The commissioning of this site marks a new step in the development of TotalEnergies’ battery energy storage capabilities. With this project, TotalEnergies is contributing to:

  • ensuring sufficient electricity supply in the national grid, especially during peak winter periods,
  • guaranteeing grid security by providing fast reserve services 1,
  • supporting the production of renewable energy by allowing more green electricity to be integrated into the grid.
Wim Raaijen
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