Groningen Seaports invests in Delfzijl industrial site

Biobased Circular economy

The Netherlands – Groningen Seaports has committed €43.7 million to the Delfzijl industrial site of Oosterhorn-Zuid.

There is a pressing need to develop this land, which is already part of Groningen Seaports’ property, because the port’s space is becoming increasingly scarce while the industrial market and the corresponding demand for space continue to expand. Growing interest from companies looking to set up shop in Groningen Seaports’ management area reflects this, says Groningen Seaports.

Sustainable development

Delfzijl’s circular and biobased economy is growing quickly, and it is making efforts to achieve long-term growth. As a result of this marketing strategy, a large number of businesses have expressed an interest in locating in the area.

As a result, Groningen Seaports is fulfilling its mission of contributing to regional employment and sustainable industrial development by developing the Oosterhorn-Zuid region.