BioLogiQ creates novel plant-based biopolymer for BioBlends


United StatesBioLogiQ, a global pioneer and maker of plant-based biopolymers for use in the creation of plastic products, has created a NuPlastiQ BioBlend for use with polypropylene in Spun Bond Fabric, Melt-Blown Fabric, and Fiber for Yarn non-woven applications.

NuPlastiQ is a novel plant-based biopolymer that may be blended with a variety of resins to create application-specific high-performance BioBlends. The usage of BioBlends results in more environmentally enhanced plastic products, which provides a significant value proposition for businesses by minimizing the use of fossil-based and other non-renewable resources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and decreasing environmental persistence.

Non-woven materials are made from staple fiber and long fiber—typically a polyolefin such as polypropylene—that are chemically, mechanically, or thermally bonded together to produce everything from disposable cleaning pads and hygiene products to critical personal protective equipment for healthcare.

NuPlastiQ BioBlend XN has been specifically created to blend with polypropylene to generate a wide range of competitive non-woven goods that can minimize or eliminate the usage of harmful chemicals while communicating a higher sustainability profile to customers.

BioLogiQ has already began in-depth negotiations with numerous worldwide consumer and commercial companies about potential application prospects for this breakthrough technology in common plastic products and packaging.