Ineos and Engie to test hydrogen in Antwerp cogeneration unit

Belgium – French electric utility company Engie wants to test the use of hydrogen in a cogeneration unit at the INEOS Phenol site in Antwerp. The aim of the ENGIE and INEOS Phenol pilot project is to inject hydrogen into the natural gas supply of a gas turbine, initially with a volume of 10%, which […]

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Engie and Equinor jointly develop low-carbon hydrogen

Norway/France – ENGIE and Equinor have confirmed their collaboration to develop collaborative low-carbon hydrogen operations. The partners will explore the production and demand potential of hydrogen from natural gas by trapping and storing CO2 permanently offshore. ENGIE and Equinor have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the production of low-carbon hydrogen value chains in […]

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Watch the talk show ‘Next steps in Hydrogen’

During the European Industry and Energy Summit 2020 (EIES2020) several talk shows were scheduled. Watch the talk show about Next Steps in Hydrogen. There are huge plans, but what steps can now be taken to realise them? Lars Röntzsch of the Fraunhofer Institute and TNO, among others, wrote a position paper on the subject. Afkenel […]

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