Zero emission barge for Port of Rotterdam from Wärtsilä

Zero emission barge for Port of Rotterdam from Wärtsilä

Sustainable energy

The NetherlandsWärtsilä has become a member of an international alliance led by the Port of Rotterdam Authority that secured € 25 million in EU funding to implement initiatives focused at sustainable and smart port logistics.

This entails creating a master plan outlining how to achieve carbon-free transportation inside, to, and from ports by 2050.

MAGPIE project

MAGPIE (sMART Green Ports as Integrated Efficient Multimodal Hubs) is the result of a collaboration between the port authorities of Rotterdam, DeltaPort (Germany), HAROPA (France), and Sines (Portugal), as well as 10 research institutions and over 30 companies from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, and Denmark.

Wärtsilä, MAGPIE’s largest industrial partner, is scheduled to get the majority of the award for a sub-project aimed at demonstrating a commercially viable autonomous intra-port inter-terminal container shuttle to meet an emerging capacity bottleneck for internal container transportation.

Wärtsilä technology

The installation will feature some of the most recent Wärtsilä solutions, including SmartMove Suite, which combines sensor technology with navigation systems to offer safe, automated ship movement. Wärtsilä’s autonomous solutions have previously been tried and tested in the busiest and most congested waters, both in intricate inland waterways and at international ports like as Singapore. As a result, they are built to manage high traffic volumes safely.

Electric propulsion will be provided via an electric drive train and an interchangeable battery container solution, which is charged using renewable power, to raise the goal level for such a barge to not only being smart, but also emission free.