Dutch Van Oord teams up with PortXL start-ups

Sustainable energy

The NetherlandsLexX and Heliorec, two start-ups scouted through PortXL, have signed partnership agreements with Van Oord.

For the sixth year in a row, Van Oord has been a major sponsor of the PortXL program. Van Oord’s port and maritime accelerator platform is one of the ways it promotes innovation in the global maritime sector. Sustainability and digitalization were the company’s two main innovation focus areas this year.

The beginning In Heliorec’s floating solar power plant designs, the solar power is generated by the sun. Floating solar power will be investigated in conjunction with Van Oord to power an electric charging station, which will eventually be used to power Van Oord’s electrical unmanned survey vessels. LexX, a start-up from Australia, provides digital intelligence for improved vehicle maintenance and repair. A tool for the Survey Department will be developed under the agreement with Van Oord to provide better access to more relevant and updated data and documentation for employees, increasing productivity and safety around the world.

It is PortXL’s mission to help maritime start-ups grow their businesses by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Van Oord provides a lot of help to entrepreneurs in getting their ideas ready for the marketplace.