Engie to support SMEs in reducing carbon emissions

Sustainable energy

France – Engie is providing 1,000 of its very small, small, and medium-sized suppliers and subcontractors with the opportunity to participate in the Diag Décarbon’Action initiative through partnerships with Bpifrance and Ademe.

The Association for the Low-Carbon Transition and Bpifrance are partners in the Diag Décarbon’Action programme, which aims to assist businesses in conducting a greenhouse gas audit, developing a transition plan to reduce their activity’s direct and indirect environmental impact, and demonstrating their commitment to their stakeholders.

Decarbonization plans are created over the course of about 12 days spread over 6 to 8 months by independent consulting firms, outfitted and directed by a committed team within Bpifrance, with the technical assistance of the Association for the Low-Carbon Transition and Ademe, which also finances this programme.

Green transition projects

A combined Ademe-Bpifrance programme that brings together a variety of finance and support options for green transition projects for businesses includes Diag Décarbon’Action. The goal of this collaborative programme is to encourage all corporate executives to quickly and sustainably embrace a change-driven dynamic, accelerating the French economy’s transition while maximising the use of public funds.

Different nations

Engie is investigating the potential for starting comparable programmes in other European nations, particularly Italy, Romania, Germany, and Spain. ENGIE is also committed to assisting its top 250 preferred suppliers in being accredited or in line with the Science Based Goals initiative by 2030 as part of its climate policy.