Wärtsilä supports Italy’s sustainable energy development

Sustainable energy

Italy Cassano d’Adda in Italy will get a 110 MW flexible power plant from Wärtsilä, powered by natural gas.

It will be Wärtsilä’s fast-starting internal combustion engine technology that will be used to balance the power system and ensure its stability as the share of renewables grows. A2A Gencogas placed the order, and it will be fulfilled by Italian engineering group Cefla as part of a full engineering, procurement, and construction project.

Managing the A2A’s power plants, A2A Gencogas, took part in the auctions for Italy’s Capacity Market, which will get underway in 2022. System stability will be maintained as the country’s share of fluctuating solar and wind power grows. Terna, the national transmission system operator (TSO), is in charge of operating the mechanism, and electricity producers agree to supply energy when requested.

It is critical to have the ability to start and stop quickly when introducing renewable energy sources to the system in order to maintain a stable power system balance. Italy’s 2030 national energy, climate, and decarbonization plan will benefit from Wärtsilä’s internal combustion engine-based power generation solution.

Six Wärtsilä 50SG gas engines will power the new plant. Assuming everything goes according to plan, the plant should be up and running in 2023. This will be Italy’s largest gas-powered internal combustion engine power plant when it is completed. When it comes to fossil fuels, natural gas is the most environmentally friendly.