Salzgitter and Mendritzki reduce CO2 emissions in steel industry

Sustainable energy

Germany – Salzgitter and Mendritzki have signed a partnership agreement in the field of low CO2 steel products and downstream product processing.

The Salzgitter Group’s partnering program allows businesses to secure a specific amount of green steel in advance as part of a financial commitment. As part of SALCOS – SAlzgitter Low CO2-Steelmaking, this green steel will be produced and delivered starting in 2025. Furthermore, both companies intend to collaborate in the advancement and refinement of steel grade development.

Switching steel

Salzgitter AG plans to gradually switch steel production to a hydrogen-based route as part of its SALCOS – SAlzgitter Low CO2-Steelmaking project, which aims to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the steel industry.

In contrast to the previous process, which used blast furnaces, hydrogen and green electricity will be used to replace the carbon that was previously required for steel production. Salzgitter hopes to reduce CO2 emissions in steel production to less than 5% of the original volume by harnessing this process.