French company launches service to reduce IT carbon footprint

French company launches service to reduce IT carbon footprint

Sustainable energy

FranceCapgemini has launched a new Sustainable IT service to assist clients in reducing their IT carbon footprint.

Greenhouse emissions from Enterprise IT might be likened to the third largest country in terms of energy use, and are likely to climb dramatically as digitalization accelerates. Capgemini’s global sustainability offering framework includes sustainable IT as a component.

Consumption growth

IT accounts for 4% of worldwide CO2 emissions, and consumption is predicted to triple between 2010 and 2025. Organizations across industries must minimize their carbon footprint while also becoming enablers of positive climate action. According to a recent Capgemini Research Institute report, 61 percent of organizations that developed a comprehensive roadmap to accelerate sustainable IT implementation saw improved ESG scores, 56 percent saw improved customer satisfaction, and 44 percent saw tax savings as a direct result of sustainable IT practices. Furthermore, firms who have already grown sustainable IT use cases have saved an average of 13% on costs.

New offering

Capgemini’s new solution goes beyond structurally altering IT in terms of consumption patterns and ways of working to allowing clients to develop an organization-wide culture of sustainable IT. The offering has already been applied to several key clients in the banking, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, public services and energy sectors.

The offering is based on a holistic, four-pillar framework focusing on:

Sustainable IT strategy: Setting a shared vision that includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of an organization’s IT environmental impact. Quantitative analysis includes ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ methodology that covers the impact of devices, infrastructures, applications and data. This enables organizations to assess their sustainable IT maturity score, allowing them to develop the right roadmap to achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustainable IT transformation: Leveraging 50 existing levers identified to reduce carbon emissions generated by enterprise IT through hardware, infrastructure, data and software. This transformation pillar includes levers such as server optimization, cloud migration, application eco-design, streamlining data or the sustainable IT module of Capgemini’s proprietary economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM) to not only reduce carbon footprint but also cut operating costs.

Sustainable IT employees: Evolving employee IT consumption habits and ways of working to embrace a culture of Sustainable IT through a set of engagement tools and training programs, which can be readily deployed to accelerate the sensitization and mobilization of the workforce.

IT for sustainable business: Leveraging new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), and Analytics to address the environmental challenges of an organization that enables efficient data capture, evaluation and analysis, monitoring and control, supports decision making. It is enriched and facilitated by Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange5 network globally.

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