UAE-Greek collaboration to tackle maritime waste

UAE-Greek collaboration to tackle maritime waste

Sustainable energy

UAE/Greece Bee’ah, based in the UAE, and PolyGreen, a Greek-owned company, have formed the Evogreen joint venture to combat maritime waste and pollution with advanced waste management solutions.

The alliance combines the skills and experience of both companies to address maritime waste and pollution.

Sustainable future

To preserve oceans pristine and marine ecosystems healthy, Evogreen will use new solutions to tackle marine pollution, utilizing the experience of the founding partners. Evergreen will also offer oil spill response, green ship recycling, recovery and repair services, and assistance to distressed vehicles, cargo, or containers.

Evergreen has created an alternative raw material plant in addition to maintaining an environmental laboratory. In parallel, the joint venture is now constructing an alternative solid fuel facility to recycle and recover waste collected from UAE ports and turn it into alternative fuel for cement manufacturing, assisting the UAE in its transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable future.

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